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About Us


Our Core Service

Daily translation and summary of selected Thai news.

We provide English translations and summaries of selected top stories, frontpage news, columns, editorials and blogs in Thai language media on a daily basis.

The focus is on topics of interest to readers with a stake in the short or longer term political, economic and social development of Thailand.

Our Sources

Thai language media.

With the traditional dailies, in particular their online versions, as our natural starting point, we also draw on TV, radio, weekly magazines, blogs, chat rooms and other social media, as well as any other Thai language source relevant to reflect the currents of contemporary Thai society. Please see our links for a more detailed view of our main sources.

Our Subscribers

Who needs to know?

Our subscribers are found in the following categories:

  • Diplomatic missions: Political sections of larger diplomatic missions who have their own intellingence units monitoring the Thai language media, but want an economical and independent supplement to this function. Diplomatic missions who do not have, or wish to outsource, this function.
  • Foreign media representatives.
  • Expat bussiness people or overseas investors.
  • International organizations based in or otherwise concerned with Thailand.
  • Academic institutions or individuals who wish to follow main Thai current events as reflected in the Thai media.
  • And anyone with an interest in knowing current political, economic and social themes in Thai media.

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